The Mountainer`s Band “ZORÓMBEK”


was founded in September 1989. Its members are the students of the Polish Secondary School. For two years the band was working under the care of the school`s organization "Macierz Szkolna". Since September 1994 it was an integral part of the Polish Singing Society "Collegium Canticorum" and since February 1999 operates under Polish Artistic Association ARS MUSICA. At present the assembly has 12 members on average, the instrumentalists and vocalists, aged from 15 to 19. The artistic director and founder is  Leszek Kalina PhD.

Repertoire of the band consist of mountainer`s folk songs of Beskid Cieszynski region and of Jabłonków subregion, which are performed authenticly, in original attire without any "artistic" stylization.

The assembly took part in various shows in Silesia; in March 1992 it gave two concerts in Poznań; in July 1993 "Zorómbek" was present at the opening of the postsoviet town Borne Sulinowo in Koszalin voivodeship, where it could present its skill for example before the Vice-Prime Minister Goryszewski. The assembly takes good care of children`s ethnographic education, especially those of Polish schools by means of giving didactic concerts for them.

The band has already recorded its music to the Radio Ostrava and Polish Radio in Warsaw. Its performances were shown on Katowice television as well.