The Polish Artistic Society


The Polish Artistic Association (PAS) “ARS MUSICA” was founded in February 1999 in Český Těšín as an autonomous organization with full official rights. The society consists of about 15 ordinary members who ranks from teachers, artists and entrepreneurs.

The aim of the Association is to promote Polish Minority culture in the Czech Republic, especially these linked with music, folk-culture and theatre and to provide the help on the organizational and financial basis over outstanding ensembles and above all young people.

Currently the PAS “ARS MUSICA” has as a members on a collective membership principle the following groups:

The Student`s Choir


(70 people)
The Mixed Choir


(50 people)
The Chamber Choir


(6   people)
The Mountainer`s Band


(15 people)
The Mountainer`s Band


(10 people)
The Student`s Company SZKAPA (15 people)
The Company of Private Men AMICI CANTIONIS ANTIQUAE (8   people)
The Vocal Ensemble ALAUDAE (40 people)

The Society also organizes The Festival of Folk Bands of Cieszyn Region. It works in partnership with Pedagogical Centre for Polish National Education during the organization of The School Choir Show, the regional round of The Cieszyn Folk Songs Show (Silesian Song in the past) competition and first round of The Children Song Festival. The Society has build a co-ordination centre for local folk bands (Zrzeszenie Kapel Ludowych) and Polish choirs in Czech Republic (Zrzeszenie Śpiewaczo-Muzyczne) and has its own web pages.

The PAS ARS MUSICA members

MUDr. Michał BIELESZ  
Mgr. Jan BRANNY vice-chairman
Ing. Roman CIEŚLAR auditing commission chairman
Mgr. Renata CZADER  
Dr. Leszek KALINA chairman, art director                            info
dr Władysław KUBIEŃ secretary
Bc. Krystyna PĘKAŁA  
mgr Martyna RADŁOWSKA-OBRUSNÍK admass
Ing. Beata SCHÖNWALD admass
Mgr. Sylwia NIEMIEC  
Mgr. Grażyna SUCHA  
Prof. Dr. Alojzy SUCHANEK CSc. member of committee
MUDr. Bogdan SZMEK  
ThDr. Józef SZYMECZEK, Dr.  
Mgr. Adam WALACH  
Ing. arch. Marek WOJNAR chronicler
Mgr. Kazimierz WOREK treasurer