It started its existence thanks to the Polish Artistic Society Ars Musica and acts since September 1999. The founder and its artistic director is Leszek Kalina PhD. and members rank from among previous members of The Student's Choir Collegium Iuvenum. At present the choir has 60 members aged between 18-30 years. The famous voice pedagogy specialist prof. dr. Alojzy Suchanek PhD. cooperates with the choir. The repertoire of the choir consists of polyphonic, classicist and romanticist works, arrangements of folklore songs and dance music, contemporary and experimental works – in a word the ensemble tries to create maximal genre variety and repertoire universality.

The choir is the member of Musical and Choral Organization of Polish Choirs in the Těšín region, of The Association of Choirs and Orchestras in Warsaw and of the Union of the Czech Choirs.