The Student`s Choir “COLLEGIUM IUVENUM”

Student`s Choir COLLEGIUM IUVENUM came into existence in September 1990 as the choir of the Polish Secondary School in Český Těšín. For two years it existed under the care of the school`s organization "Macierz Szkolna". Since September 1994 to February 1999 the choir was operating under the care of the Polish Singing Society "COLLEGIUM CANTICORUM". Currently it operates as artistically independent ensamble of the Polish Artistic Association ARS MUSICA, representing the Polish Secondary School at the same time. The choir consists of 60 members who are the students of the Polish Secondary School. The artistic director, the founder and the conductor is dr. Leszek Kalina and his assistant is MA Grażyna Sucha.

The repertoire consists of the works of master of polyphony, classicism, romantism, contemporary and experimental music, dance music and elaborations of folk songs. In other words, the choir tries to maintain the widest spectrum of repertoire and its univesality.

Collegium Iuvenum has already given some concerts for the Polish Radio and for the local radio-station in Ostrava. It is a member of the Choral and Musical Organization in the region Zaolzie, the Polish Union of Choirs and Orchestras in Warsaw and the Union of Czech Choirs in Prague.