The Chamber Choir “MUSICAE AMANTES” - Nędek

The vocal sextet "MUSICAE AMANTES" is currently one of the youngest small vocal ensembles performing in Zaolzie. It started in January 1997 and its first concert materialized five months later in Gródek. Over that time the ensemble has performed on many cultural events, among others on 50th anniversary of Nydek PZKO Society , during church services in Nawsie, at small vocal ensembles competition in Sucha Górna (1998) and at the election rally of Musician and Singers Association in Karviná (1999), then on the 10th anniversary of "Wspólnota Polska" (senatorial organization for compatriont contacts) in Warsaw 1999 and on the prestigious Festival of Choir Art in Jihlava 2000. In the scope of this festival the choir gave concert in Gustav Mahler's parental house in Kalištì in the ocassion of the composer's 140th birthday.

The repertoire of this renown and prestigious chamber choir consists of sacral and layman vocal compositions of the Renaissance, negrospirituals and folk-songs arrangements and pop music songs. Now the choir widens its repertoire with the pieces of 20th century music and Carols.

The members of the choir are young people mostly the university students. Since 1999 the choir MUSICAE AMANTES acts under the auspices of the Polish Artistic Association Ars Musica and is a member of the Musician and Singers Association, The Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras and the Czech Choirs Union. Its founder and artistic director is Mr. Bogdan Szmek.

Current members:

Katarzyna Bezecna


Aleksandra Pruszydło


Magdalena Szmek


Bogdan Szmek


Zbigniew Szmek

tenor or baritone

Jacek Rybicki