The Vocal Ensemble “ALAUDAE”

It opperated from September 2002 in Karwina’s branch of Polish Gymnasium / the secondary school/ in Cesky Tesin under the direction of Dr. Leszek Kalina as the female chamber choir. In May 2003 it got a new name The Vocal Ensemble “ALAUDE” that is “Girls skylarks”. Since January 2005 it has been an artistically independent ensemble of Polish Artistic Society Ars Musica. Its activity was suspended from September 2010 to January 2012 as the Karviná branch of school was closed but in February 2012 it was reactivated as an adult choir. It the repertoire there are pieces of poliphony masters, classical and romantical ones, folk songs arrangements and negrospirituals, music of 20th century. At the moment the choir counts about 20 “skylarks” aged from 20 to 34.

It is worth underlining that the ensemble is a member of Choral and Musical Organization in the region Zaolzie, the Polish Union of Choirs and Orchestras in Warsaw and the Union of Czech Choirs in Prague.